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Drawn to photography through its powerful storytelling, Lisette & Sandra have found photography as an opportunity to capture moments that signify human experiences and create beautiful stories and emotions.  Every client of Simply Luminous has a story to tell, and we pride ourselves on unearthing that story and providing them with the best images they can revisit for years to come. 


Born in South Carolina to military parents, my world has consist of a wonderful mixture of North, South, East, and West.  The extraordinary sights of my childhood enhanced my passion for photography, people, and their cultures.  The oldest of three girls, but the youngest at heart.  My family means everything to me.  My mother, sisters, and two nephews, are my world and my pit bull puppy is the light of my life.  I also am a ride or die for all my closest friends.  Honor, Loyalty, and Dedication is my life's motto and I feel that there is always opportunity for growth and empowerment around every corner. 


The oldest of three girls, and the proud aunt of a beautiful (not so) baby boy!  My family is my life.  Growing up in the small town in Washington, I knew I wanted to do bigger things.  At my dream school Washington State University is where I started dabbling with makeup.  From the encouragement to experiment I received from classmates, sorority sisters, and Lisette; I developed my love and passion for art through makeup.  And through makeup I found a way to build confidence in my clients to love their own beauty.  From the simplest look to the most dramatic.  The trust I earn from my clients to achieve the look they want is what makes me love what we do.    

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