Why Simply Luminous?

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If you’ve been looking online for a boudoir photographer in the past few years, you’ve probably become overwhelmed.  You may have taken the time to look around and choose a photographer that you felt was the best fit (which I highly recommend), or you may have just wanted sexy photos on a small budget and purchased a Groupon.  There are so many options out there.  While there are a ton of great photographers whom I adore both personally and professionally, there are others that give boudoir a bad name.  I think most professional boudoir photographers will agree that boudoir is an entirely different genre that takes a certain type of person to make work.  It isn’t a “show up, shoot, go home” sort of gig.  It isn’t a “Book as many clients as I can” type of gig.  It runs so much deeper and more vulnerable than that – which is why I think it’s so important to do your homework.

I put a lot of myself out there because I want people to know when they read my blog or Facebook if we could get along or not.  I want to either attract or repel.  I want ladies to know as soon as they contact me that I am the photographer for them.  Boudoir is my full-time obsession and one I take very seriously, but I am also very real.  I am an everyday woman, just like you.  I am rather offbeat with sometimes crazy hair and corky attitude.  I like to drink whiskey, laugh out loud, and curse more than a lady should.  I am learning not to take life too seriously and to give up control more often.  I have been told I lack tact as well, which is something else I’m working on (I just don’t like to beat around the bush).  At the end of the day though, I love hard and I wear my heart on my sleeve.  It may be covered but you can bet it’s there.  Especially when it comes to my clients.

I keep in touch with a lot of my past clients and I recently asked them to sum up why they, or anyone else should work with Simply Luminous.  These women make me laugh and I really value their opinions so I thought I’d share a few of them here.  They are ladies that have shown up to their shoots with a bottle of whiskey for me and I know, should I need it, I can call them up for a shoulder to lean on.  To me, that means more than anything else in the world.


Why others should choose Simply Luminous? It’s built on a foundation that every woman is beautiful and deserves to see herself the way others do. Boudoir is empowering, life changing and an experience that can’t be described. Lisette and Sandra are true champions for their clients, providing top of the line services in a fun and safe environment.”  – N.M.


“I chose Simply Luminous because I immediately felt comfortable and at ease with Lisette before I even met her. There is such a high level of quality yet the process is so casual and fun. Lisette becomes invested in her clients personally and it shows in everything she does.  She has a commitment to not Photoshop a client to look different then they are, yet, every client and photo I have seen, looks flawless-the team is able to highlight the true natural beauty, and they have secret ways if posing or working around the parts of your body you are not comfortable with so you never notice them in the final product.  Simply Luminous is passionate about embracing women, in every shape, size and background and helping them see the beautiful being they are- even if they have never been able to see their own beauty before.” – B.P.


“When I first entertained the idea of a boudoir shoot, I did a lot of looking…and a lot of moving on. Until I found Lisette’s site. In photo after photo after photo I saw in her work real and unique women, shining in their own individual ways. After having seen other photographers’ work that looked nothing like “me,” I saw in Lisette’s images assurance that what I wanted could be captured — and that Lisette was the artist that could make it happen. Of course, my conversation with her before booking sealed the deal. It was clear she heard what I was looking for and was able to reflect my wishes and offer her suggestions to achieve them. When it came down to the shoot and the final results…she nailed it. I couldn’t be more pleased.

Why should *you* choose a shoot with Lisette? Because, quite simply, it is an amazing experience — empowering, fun, and one you will not forget. I’ve told Lisette this and I’ll tell anyone who listens: above all, it is a gift to yourself, no matter who ultimately receives the photos.” – K.B.


“I choose Simply Luminous after hearing raving reviews about Lisette and her work. I knew I wanted to get a special gift to give to my husband on our wedding day and a boudoir shoot was the perfect thing. It is something completely and totally outside the box for me. As it turned out, this was really a huge gift to myself. Lisette emailed with me patiently and promptly answering any and all my questions. She worked with me to create a vision and a series of looks that set the mood and scene for the types of images I wanted. Everything from the girl next door, to dark and sultry. Lisette total made my vision come true. When the shoot actually came, I was surrounded with more support and love then I could have ever imagined. Lisette shot her first 10 images or so. When she turned the camera around, I could not believe the sexy, gorgeous, amazing, stunning woman looking back at me was me. In fact, it was. Lisette and Sandra gave me the biggest gift I could ever ask for, allowing me to see myself for who I am and what I look like. I always felt comfortable and it was like total day of pampering with Simply Luminous. I love every image we captured that day and I think I look at my album more than my husband does. I appreciate myself, and my body more today. I have a new-found confidence and appreciation for who I am as a result of this boudoir shoot. What I wanted to be a sexy gift for my husband turned into one of the most fruitful and fulfilling experiences of my life. I love Simply Luminous, and cannot wait to do another shoot!” – A.B.


“I chose Simply Luminous after looking at many internet sites. I loved the imagination I saw in Lisette’s photos. But the biggest drawing card for me was that the photos were all classy, sexy, beautiful and never trashy. I was even more impressed after having my first shoot. She made me feel beautiful and that is a wonderful thing for any woman. One of the best decisions I ever made.”  – E.P.


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